Shayna "Sharkie" Wark

Interactive Media Developer

Web Development

UI/UX Design


Graphic Design

Shark Of All Trades, Master of Some

Well... not really. I mean, I don't think anyone can be the master of anything, especially in regards to technology. There is always more to learn, and new things coming down the pipeline! But I like the saying, and I most definitely have a lot of skills.

Let's chat about the few things I do know! I have a passion for the web and everything that comes with it, including Website Design, Website Development, UI/UX Design and Development, and Graphic Design. I also do photography (currently more of a hobby, but I have done product photography and headshots in the past) and filmography. Oh, I've also been professionally trained in animation and digital signage!

So, I think you could say I've got a lot of skills.

But I also believe they all work well together. I can take a website from beginning design, to development, to content, to production. I can create custom icons, take unique photos and create fun videos to help enhance the webpage. I like to consider myself a one stop shop for websites.

So, I really am a "Shark of all trades". Well, at least in my opinion.



In a development team of 3, I participated in taking this website from initial design to final product.

My major contributions included the article pages, Music/Movie/Event pages, and the responsiveness of the entire website. I have recently gone in and cleaned up some of the code to make it easier to understand and work more efficently.

Languages Used:

Entertainment Squared Image.


Airbrowz was a client project that me and 3 others worked on. From the base idea, we created beginning design material (i.e. branding guide, logo, colour scheme) and then moved on to create the wireframes and HTML snippets for the app. We also went through a few rounds of user testing to ensure the app was easy to use and suited for it's target audience.

Tools Used:

Airbrows Image.


While not a real conference, Acme was a chance for me to get more used to using Bootstrap and learn the ins and outs of SCSS. It's quite a simple website, but I believe it was fundimental to my love of SCSS as a preprocessor.

Designed and developed by me, for a college project.

Languages Used:

Acme Image.


A passion for Photography led me to explore the professional side of it, including headshots and professional product photography.

As a hobby, I enjoy taking Macro and Landscape shots, especially when they showcase the beautiful Canadian countryside!


Photography Examples.