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Stefan Jurewicz, Calvin McCormic, and Jon Shultz are the three members that make up Ottawa’s own Onionface. From drawing faces on onions at Costco, to playing alongside Crown Lands...


Did Bryson Choose Wrong?

Shortly after releasing his single “Don’t” Bryson tiller blew up and it didn’t stop there. Drake offered Bryson a spot on OVO, but Bryson refused...


Kendrick Lamar Can’t Be Stopped!

These past couple of years Kendrick Lamar has been on a roll. He’s been taking the hip hop game by storm, and he wont let anyone stand in his way...


Views Are Looking Great From The Six!

2015 was Drakes year after dropping the singe ”Charged Up” and “Back to Back” which was nominated for a Grammy. Still Drake didn’t let it end there...


Is Zayn Is Heading in The Right Direction?

After leaving the pop boy band One Direction, Zayn has been doing his own thing as a solo artist. He just released his first album “Mind of Mine”...


Is JT Recording Again?

After a period of time not hearing from Justin Timberlake there have been photos of him in the studio with Pharrell. Does this mean we will be hearing more from him or was this two friends catching up?


Justin Bieber: Purpose

With all the things we were hearing about Justin Bieber it wasn’t looking so good, but then he dropped his first album in the past 2 years Purpose. With that becoming is fifth Million selling album in the U.S.


Amazing Rihanna Songs are Now Lullabies

Over the years Rihanna has released great songs that we have all enjoyed, but now...

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